UR President Joel Seligman’s remarks to the Faculty Senate on Jan. 22 outlined goals for the University’s strategic planning over the next 10 years. In particular, the College of Arts and Sciences will introduce new academic initiatives.

Students who want a more tailored program of study within their major will be able to take courses that fit their interests more directly. Upon graduating, these students may fare better in job markets looking for candidates who have completed a degree in a more specialized area of study, such as Bioethics or Financial Economics, rather than just Biology or Economics.

UR will be able to expand its population over the next decade, without hurting its competitive admissions reputation. Offering these academic tracks will help the University attract students who prefer a university with a more diverse curriculum.

One prime example is the International Relations major, which will enhance UR’s already-distinguished Political Science Department. Many top universities, such as NYU and Boston University, have an established program in International Relations, and the new major will sustain UR as a top institution.

The University is also taking strides to establish quality pre-professional degrees in business, a fitting gesture for a college that has such a prestigious graduate school in the field. Programs such as Economics and Business Strategies and Financial Economics will establish the College as an institution that provides undergraduates with a jumpstart before they enter business or graduate school. Students will be able to take more courses corresponding to business, rather than enrolling in the few courses offered to undergraduates at the Simon School of Business.

These new programs will benefit the College by providing undergraduates more specialized academic programs to help further their education. The new academic agenda can build upon the strong reputation UR has garnered while enriching students’ academic lives in immense ways.

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