On Saturday, Oct. 6, after 14 hours of negotiations with a federal mediator, UR, SEIU 200 United and 1199 SEIU settled a three-year contract.

We, the Service Employees International Union, voted on Wednesday, Oct. 10 to accept the contract.

I want to thank the negotiating committees and the UR community of faculty, staff and students for standing up for economic justice.

It is vital that UR, the largest employer in the City of Rochester with the most profitable hospital in Western New York, understand the economic impact that it has in the neighborhood of which it is the center. UR is the leader in medical research, and grant funding enables recruitment of the best scientists, professors and students and must provide for them all.

That’s what we do – we care for patients, cook all meals, transport patients, clean all buildings and support and serve the entire campus and hospital.

Meliora, to me, means always better – better service, better medical care, better working conditions, better child care, better retirement plans, better training and upgrading for a better University and a better City of Rochester, my community and home.

-Dawn Marshall-HosierUR Employee

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