This summer, Rochester was named to Newsweek’s list of “25 New Ivies.” This honor brought an excitement to the student body because UR, an institution we know to be great, is finally getting the credit it has long deserved. Rochester is well known in certain circles – in the fields of science and research especially – but beneath the major accomplishments of these departments, and all the great departments and professors here, are the students.

That is the attitude the Office of Communications took when they hired Enid Arbelo, the first student life advocate at UR. The position is designed to draw more attention to the accomplishments and everyday lives of interesting UR students by spotlighting their achievements in the local and national media. This is the perfect supplement to the University’s innovative push to improve the school’s national reputation.

Since her arrival, Arbelo has informed local television channels and newspapers of student accomplishments as well as written for UR’s internal publications – @Rochester and Rochester Review. According to Arbelo, there are great students on campus who are doing great things, and her goal is to make sure that people know about them. She spent the past week touring various aspects of student life, attending the Activities Fair last Friday and the Sigma Epsilon luau on Saturday, trying to get a feel for what UR students are up to.

Although Arbelo is working to have her finger on the pulse of campus, it is the students’ responsibility as well to take advantage of her role by letting her know when their club, sports team or Greek organization has an event that she could help publicize. In addition, students who have interesting internships, jobs, research positions or come from interesting backgrounds should let Arbelo know. It is only when she is made aware of these endeavors that the general public can know about them.

The Office of Communications believes that the accomplishments of individual students can contribute to improving the reputation of UR as a whole. Arbelo is a great person to achieve these goals and it is the students’ responsibility to help.

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