Reason Why Liberal Thought is Stupid No. 176 – liberals think that the only time something is a mistake is when someone who’s not a liberal is making it.

Case in point – Al Franken’s interview on Tuesday’s Today Show and on last Friday’s The Late Show With David Letterman – where he joked that we should execute Dick Cheney and his chief of staff.

People make mistakes.

Bill Clinton had oral sex performed on him while he was chatting on the phone with a congressman and talking about sending American troops into battle. Not to mention he allowed terrorist attacks ranging from the first World Trade Center bombing to the bombing of the USS Cole to go unpunished. His inaction led Osama bin Laden to tell ABC News, “The youth realized more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat.”

George W. Bush has also made mistakes in office. He certainly should have captured or killed bin Laden when he had the chance. He acted on intelligence he later found to be false when he attacked Iraq for weapons of mass destruction – though Clinton cited Iraq’s “nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs” when he bombed the country in 1998. He nominated a conservative lightweight in Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, when he should have used his majority in Congress to nominate another Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas.

The difference is that while Clinton is desperately idolized, Bush is constantly criticized for everything from his decision to fight terrorism to his speaking ability. Liberals have a strange penchant for unabashedly heaping praise on their leaders – regardless of faults – while maliciously attacking whomever doesn’t share their views.

On NBC’s Today Show this past Tuesday, Franken was being interviewed by Matt Lauer about his new book, “The Truth With Jokes,” when he cracked an “I Hate What America Stands For” liberal joke about the execution of Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Lauer laughed along with those in the studio at Franken’s comment. Ha, ha, ha. When a liberal attacks a conservative, it’s regarded as funny and usually included in the mainstream media as being straight from the mouth of God Himself. Just as liberals pardoned the ineptitude of Jimmy Carter and the sheer unprofessionalism and criminal nature of the entire Clinton Administration, Lauer laughed along with Franken as he joked about killing prominent world leaders.

It’s ironic, in a way that only a liberal can be, that while Franken’s comment was cute enough to laugh at, the exact opposite happened only a few weeks ago. When the Rev. Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez – a communist leader who hates what America stands for more than most liberals in this country do – the backlash was colossal. Robertson went on to say the option would be more viable than paying for “another $200 billion war.”

In fact, the same Matt Lauer who laughed with the thought of two high-ranking administration officials castigated Robertson for his comments.

“We fine broadcasters for using four-letter words – we say that’s offensive. So is it offensive to call for the assassination of a world leader,” the NBC anchor admonished.

The double standard promoted by so many in the liberal media and throughout academia is unsettling. It isn’t right to characterize some statements as jokes and others as cold, hard fact. Allowing two people to suggest killing world leaders, to speak their belief on a television show and chastising only one of them just doesn’t make sense.

These days, the very essence of being a liberal lies in having the absolute conviction that there is one set of rules for you and another, completely different set of rules for everyone else. It’s time for clear-minded people to realize that it’s time this notion must end.

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