The monarchy in Residential Life is about to face new changes in coming months. Its king, other wise known as Logan Hazen, will be stepping down from the throne after a 17-year reign.

As he sat down with his fashionable, pale-yellow shirt for one of his last Campus Times interviews, Hazen was very calm and a bit nostalgic. As director of ResLife for nearly two decades, he has seen and encountered all sorts of situations at UR. From renovating most residential buildings to instating freshman housing, his impact in The College has been one of the greatest in recent history.

Born in Hawaii, Hazen has lived a very unique life. After his parents moved to Montana when he was just a little boy, Hazen lived on the west coast for the majority of his life. Having received his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Whitman College in famous Walla Walla, Wash., Hazen considered applying for elementary school teaching jobs. It was soon after he decided to pursue his master’s, that he realized higher education was the path he wanted to take.

While living in southern California for several years, Hazen and Verna Hazen, his wife and current director of financial aid at Rochester Institute of Technology, decided that SoCal was not the place for them to raise their children. After some searching, the couple found a comfortable setting in Rochester, N.Y.

Flash forward 17 years, along with more work than anyone can possibly imagine. Hazen is sitting in his office sipping his beloved Diet Coke. He is quite reflective of his career at UR. His two daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, will both be in college this fall, leaving the Hazens ready to fend for themselves.

He will take a greatly deserved two-year tenure that will allow him to pursue other dreams and opportunities. At only 55 years of age, he feels he is too young to be a Wal-Mart greeter.

Nevertheless, he is still going to be around for a bit longer. His official date for retirement is August 15, giving him plenty of time to bid farewell to the place he has called home for 17 years. All those who knew him will miss his genial character.

Don’t forget to visit your old kingdom once and a while, Logan.

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