It’s time to turn the “Lights Out,” sit back and watch an incredible show.

Join After Hours, who will be joined by the Midnight Ramblers and guest group, the Cornell Classnotes, for an evening of great music and fun.

The show will be presenting a theme involving everything that goes along with bedtime.

“There will be three groups of exceptional talent and people should come to see what is behind the theme Lights Out,” junior member Lauren Golia said.

The evening will consist of a mix of jazz and pop music, including songs from U2, Billy Joel, They Might Be Giants and many others.

“The Ramblers are excellent and fun to watch and UR students rarely get to see outside groups perform,” junior and music director Vicki Saah said.

“We all have loads of fun singing and performing, and this Sunday will be simply amazing.”

After Hours, formerly known as Charivari, is the only coed a cappella group on campus, made up of 16 members.

“Lights Out” begins at 7 p.m. in Strong Auditorium.

Tickets are $5 at the door. They are also available at the Common Market, so be sure to pick up yours today.

Roberts can be reached at

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