In an effort to attract more students, UR will implement a new initiative next year called ?You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That.?With more and more students unsatisfied with various areas of the university, the administrators and students who developed this new program want to give more choices to those on campus.If you think providing more choice on campus is a bad idea,See STORY AIf you think providing more choice on campus is a good idea,See STORY B

The ‘Try Guys’ try: putting the finishing blow on ‘wife guy’ culture

To all the self-proclaimed “wife guys” that we loved before: so long, sweethearts.

Black feminism in action

Professor McCune stressed, “it is the cause of Black feminism that we unpack the way White supremacy perpetually enacts violence through the intersection.”

Lost in translation

Once every few years, I got a taste of what it feels to be an outsider in my own culture, peering in. I was a girl lost in translation.