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President Biden isn’t sleepy – he’s complicit

The only reason to be bored with Biden is if you don’t have to care about everything that’s still going wrong.

UR Loved is creating warmth through UR’s dark winters

Predominantly anonymous, UR LOVED offers a more targeted and specific platform than other confessions pages at UR. Since it's inception, the follower count has skyrocketed, reflecting students' appreciation of the page's positivity.

MLB appoints first female manager of major mens sports team

Pro sports have always been dominated by men. Women have made gains in the past 20 years in the back offices, in the analytics and business side of sports. But it’s still difficult for women to advance as coaches and general managers, the public faces of teams.

Neutrality is not a tool for change

There is only the persistence of the institution and those who dare to confront it.

Dean discusses compliance with health guidelines

As of the interview with Burns two weeks ago, there were 357 individual reports of conduct violations. While this may seem to represent a larger number of students, Burns was quick to assure that many reports concern the same case.

With four teams remaining, Los Angeles Dodgers favored in unusual MLB playoffs

The championships of both the American League and the National League of Major League Baseball began this weekend. Two pairs…

The consequences of tyranny

Any government is capable of inflicting terror. 

Goergen Athletic Center opens for full-time students

For the first time since students left campus en masse in March, the Goergen Athletic Center (GAC) has opened its…

Walkouts sweep national sports leagues after the shooting of Jacob Blake

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, following the shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake by police that morning, the Detroit Lions of the…

Hall of Famer Steve Nash returns from retirement to coach NBA’s Brooklyn Nets

Just over five years since his retirement as a player, and two years after his induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Steve Nash is returning to coach the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) Brooklyn Nets.