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‘Waiting for Superman’ talks education

One of the crueler aspects of the newly released documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman’” occurs toward the conclusion. The film, which…

Diwali caps off awareness week

Although the Hindu holiday Diwali was celebrated on Nov. 5, Friday’s “belated” Diwali Dinner caps off Hindu Awareness Week for the Hindu Students’ Association. In addition to the delicious food, the Hindu Students’ Association is putting on musical, film and cultural events this week, in hope of spreading awareness about their religion

Lending a hand: Big Brothers Big Sisters starts up at UR

UR has finally kicked off its Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization program, and several students have already hopped on board. The program will give UR students the opportunity to mentor inner-city youth of the 19th Ward, giving them early guidance as they go through the Rochester City School District.

The slow progress of decency

In 2001, racism dominated in the CT. In 2010, what’s changed?

Dems gear up for election season

It’s election season and campaign ads are suddenly filling up commercial spots on our favorite TV shows. Tuesday night, College Democrats filled up Hirst Lounge by bringing in a local candidate for State Assembly, Robin Wilt, for a Kick-Off Event.

Quidditch team brings magic to the Club Sports scene

One of UR’s real, yet often unnoticed problems, is what to do with former high school athletes not quite fit for NCAA competition. College is a time for trying new things. And in the world of athletics, that means dropping the football, picking up a broomstick and heading down to Quidditch practice.

Chocolatey treasure hidden in basement

There exists a room in the depths of Wilson Commons, disguised as a custodial closet, that Harry Potter’s Fred and George Weasley would ogle over. It’s a small closet filled floor to ceiling with boxes of candy and sweets –– the stock room for the Common Market. While its location will remain undisclosed, if you happen to sneak a peek at the right time, you might find junior Mo Seraji and sophomore Kathleen Shannon pouring over a giant silver pot, concocting delicious mixtures such as Worms in Dirt.

Helping Pakistan’s flood relief

Spotlight: Muslim Students' Association One of the biggest issues currently facing the U.S. is the unemployment rate hovering just under…

John Oliver cracks wise during Yellowjacket Weekend

On “The Daily Show,” John Oliver is the go-to British correspondent, a man who cleverly pokes fun at American foreignpolicy,…