UR sophomore Jacklyin Anter decided to dress up “ironically” as sexy Rocky the Yellowjacket for Halloweekend, but was met with shocking results. Anter broke the UR record for “here’s my number” propositions in one night, with an astounding 78 Snapchats, 91 Instagram “I’ll slide into your DMs later”s, a Discord or two, and even a few @u.rochester.edu emails. On an even more interesting note, only one person gave her their actual number, but that’s because they were on a break from social media due to the “bad vibes.” They also said something about a “dopamine detox.”

Anter, an economics and political science double major, decided to challenge sexy costumes this year with the thesis: Can we (and should we) make anything sexy? She and her friends brainstormed all the sexy costumes they could think of, such as a sexy Veggie Tales, a sexy “drop dat apple” Isaac Newton, a sexy Griswold v. Connecticut, and a sexy Grab & Go sandwich, until finally they arrived at sexy Rocky the Yellowjacket. 

Anter chose the modern version of Rocky, but she had a challenge in trying to make Rocky somehow sexier than URBee, the superior bee. All hail URBee. You had a heart we didn’t respect, and now we are forced to tolerate our “beloved” bee on steroids. You know what, UR Athletics? URBee is the most intimidating mascot possible, because a smiling cutesy mascot is unnerving. One would expect a growling intense college caricature, but instead, opposing teams are presented with a creature even cuddlier than your standard Pixar character. They would have to ask themselves, “Huh? What the fuck?” The blankness of his smile is what makes URBee intimidating. Personally, I am far more scared of the skeletons URBee might have hidden in his closet than Rocky’s. Bees aren’t supposed to have bones, but I would bet URBee has quite a few. 

Once Anter compiled her costume, it was time to show the world. Anter described what she thought people’s reactions would be. “I was expecting a lot of laughs, maybe some confused stares, and a lot of ‘why?’s”. 

But Anter did not expect what came next. “We get to the pre-game, and all of the sudden I’m being approached by so many guys, all making bee-related pick-up lines,” Anter recalled. “At first I thought it was a joke, but by the 11th Snapchat trade, I knew they were down bad.” 

Throughout the night, Anter was given so many people’s Snapchats and Instagram accounts that she accidentally broke the school record.The memorable lines of the night were, “Can I get some honey,” “You can sting me anytime,” “Ahaha… ya’ like jazz?,” and a couple “Will you bee mine?” Despite the multitude of social media accounts she received, Anter thought their collective game was weak. “You, for some reason, are going out of your way to seduce a girl dressed as sexy Rocky, and this is what you have?” Anter challenged. 

Anter is curious about what attracted so many to her, especially considering the costume didn’t come with any pheromones. “I had never been approached that many times before at a party, so I think the costume did influence things,” Anter questioned. “But why are people so interested in seducing Rocky?”

Well, I am just as confused as Anter. I will not be pursuing the question further, because I do not think I want to know the answer. But to all my friendly Yellowjackets in a relationship, if you’re looking to spice things up, think about adding a sexy yellowjacket outfit to your date night.

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