Following CDC and FDA recommendations, University Health Service (UHS) cancelled it’s Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinics scheduled for today and tomorrow.

The announcement came in an email from University Communications at 8 a.m., about 30 minutes before the first dose was to be administered. The decision comes after several clinics halted J&J vaccinations in the past few days, and immediately after a CDC and FDA recommendation issued this morning. 

The UHS clinic, announced in an April 9 University Communications email, had 500 single-dose J&J vaccinations available to any currently enrolled University student.

On the evening of April 11, about 200 of the 500 spots were still available. For the roughly 300 students whose vaccinations were cancelled, there are additional clinics both in the community and at the University Medical Center.

University Communications’ April 9 email warned of an increase in local cases, primarily for younger residents.

“Dr. Michael Mendoza, head of the Monroe County Health Department, indicated that the Rochester area ‘is entering another surge of the pandemic,’” the April 9 email read. “Most of the new COVID-19 cases are coming from high school students, college students, and young professionals. All University students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.”

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