Well, reader, we’re finally done with awards season. I have mixed emotions about this. I’m glad I’ll stop being constantly deluged with press releases containing the same stories about the same six movies. But I’m sad that the time of semi-mandatory spiffily dressed celebrity appearances is over. I wanted to go over some of the more stand-out celebrity outfits with you, to exalt the designer and fawn over the outfit’s wearer.

Let’s start with the Golden Globes. Dakota Fanning looked like a silver statue in her sleeveless sweetheart neckline gown by Armani Privé. Mahershala Ali served something fresh in custom Etro, sporting a beautifully patterned dark blue scarf with shiny metal accented black shoes.

Speaking of men making statements, Billy Porter showed up in a stunning suit-and-cape ensemble from Randi Rahm. The underside of the cape was a vibrant silky pink, while his gray suit was adorned with floral accents. It was an outfit to remember.

Gemma Chan wore a smooth dark blue Valentino gown featuring one peek-a-boo leg. The dress cinched at her waist and billowed out perfectly in what, to me, was a modern update of a classic award show dress silhouette. Finally, Lady Gaga showed up in a massive Valentino dress classified as “powdery blue.” It’s a sleeveless gown with tons of fabric gathering around her elbows, highlighting both her bare shoulders and her small waist. The dress, her blue-tinged hair, and her Tiffany and Co. jewelry completed her slightly eccentric fairy-princess image.

Now let’s dive into the second-biggest red carpet event for fashion:The Oscars. (The biggest is the Met Gala, reader.) Oscar-winner Olivia Colman’s Prada gown was the antithesis of the overdone size-zero slinky piece. The long, sleeveless piece was breathtakingly intricate intricate with its emerald-green silk radzimir and smoky gray organza cape. Not to mention the puffed sculpted sleeves.” Chris Evans (my favorite Chris)looked dapper in a light blue velvet jacket and black pants. His stylist said she wanted him to look like Prince Charming. I, for one, definitely got that sweep-you-off-your-feet vibe. Speaking of light blue, Charlize Theron looked jaw-droppingly alluring in a light blue, backless, long-sleeved, tight-fitting Dior Haute Couture gown with Bulgari jewels (both in a serpentine necklace and an elegant cuff).

There were many more looks that I loved, reader, but I simply do not have the time to discuss them all. If you are craving more, here are some rapid-fire suggestions — Regina King’s, Janelle Monet’s, and Elsie Fisher’s style. Take a look, and I’ll see you later!

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