Senior midfielder Madeline Levy has had an impressive final season for Women’s Lacrosse. She recently earned Liberty League All-Academic honors for the third straight year, and she led the team in goals scored.

How did you get interested in lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse in seventh grade. I’ve always been very involved in lots of different sports throughout my childhood and lacrosse looked like a fun, fast-paced game that I could really get involved with.

What have you enjoyed most about lacrosse at UR?

I love the athletic community at UR. The coaches and administration work hard for the athletes and to give them the best experiences possible.

How have you grown as an athlete over the course of your collegiate career?

I think that my leadership skills have developed a lot since beginning college. Throughout high school I was more used to being a good role model and leading by example on the field. However, when I tore my ACL last year and wasn’t able to play, I had to learn how to be a more vocal teammate and stay positive even in tough situations.

What has been the highlight of your lacrosse career at UR?

The highlight of my career was when I was able to return to playing after tearing my ACL during my junior year season. I had surgery last summer and had to work very hard with the team doctors and athletic trainers to be able to be ready to play at the beginning of my senior season. Fortunately, everything worked out as we had hoped and I was able to play at the beginning of the season. The feeling that I had while playing in my first game after my injury was indescribable, and I am so grateful to our athletic training staff for helping me get there.

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a varsity athlete?

The most difficult aspect of being a varsity athlete for me is the time commitment. This is largely a Division III school, but a lot goes on in the offseason as well as during season. It can be difficult to balance performing well in school, work and other extracurriculars, as well as in your sport. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to excel in all of these areas, especially at such an academically demanding school like UR. The hard work is worth it though!

Who has had the greatest impact on your playing career and why?

The people who have had the greatest impact on my career are my parents. They supported my desire to play lacrosse and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. They drove me to practices and tournaments all up and down the East Coast and came to so many of my games in high school and college to support me. I am constantly grateful for everything they have done for me.

What are your plans for next year?

I will be working at Strong Memorial Hospital next year while I apply to medical schools. I hope to go into orthopedics and sports medicine in the future.

What advice would you give to an incoming first-year varsity athlete at UR?

I would tell an incoming first year athlete to get as involved as you can, whether that be in UR athletics, doing research, or giving back to the community. There are so many cool opportunities at UR but it’s easy to only focus on your sport and on your schoolwork. I would encourage an incoming student to broaden their horizons as much as possible.

If you could choose anyone to give a speech at commencement, who would you choose?

[UConn Women’s Basketball Coach] Geno Auriemma.

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