We have retracted the article previously displayed here, published on Feb. 26, about club sports leaders’ reactions to the recent situation involving the Equestrian Team’s funding. After receiving concerns about the piece and reviewing the reporting for it, we are not comfortable leaving it as published.

Several club sports leaders do have concerns about the Equestrian situation. But based on our review, the number and extent of these concerns cannot be substantiated as originally reported. We found that we did not have strong enough backing for claims in the story about how many leaders were troubled by the situation.

Additionally, a source quoted criticizing SA’s treatment of Equestrian did not disclose their involvement with that team, which we did not learn until after publication. The article also did not mention the role of a second source who had disclosed their work in determining SA policies that they later criticized.

Therefore, the story has been removed from our website. Errors happen in all newsrooms, and we try to address them when they arise. We apologize for this reporting lapse.

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