Imagine if you had the power to change one thing about the University, without going through the legislative process of the Students’ Association Government. Would you enhance dining options? Would you add something fun and creative to campus life? Would you address a persistent social issue on campus?

What if you could accomplish one of these things without paying for it, so long as your proposal costs less than $5,000 and has the support of your peers?

In 2013, SA Government launched its annual 5K Challenge, making this opportunity an exciting reality for undergraduates on River Campus. The initiative grants $5,000 from the SA Government budget directly to the student body every fall semester, giving students the power to decide how the money should be spent. Students are encouraged to create, campaign, and vote on project ideas that improve and enhance our college community and our daily lives. The winning pitch is implemented during the spring semester and can stay on campus for years to come. Winning ideas from past rounds include the sleeping pods in Gleason, the swing set on the hill by Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall, and the provision of free tampons and pads in on-campus bathrooms. We are proud to say that each of these projects has been permanently adopted and maintained by the University. This year, the executive branch of SA Government is excited to announce the 5th anniversary of the 5K Challenge. We want to reaffirm our commitment to the initiative, which provides a unique platform for students outside SA Government to directly affect change on campus. The 5K Challenge reminds students that you don’t have to serve in an elected position to improve our community. Every student can create a legacy of positive change and communal engagement. UR is your home, and you have the power to make our school ever better. Submissions open on Nov. 10 and close on Nov. 27.

Get creative, Yellowjackets — I’m so excited to see what you come up with.

To submit an idea for this year’s 5k Challenge, please click on this link.

Mooney is the Students’ Association vice president.



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