All kinds of students, from veterans to newcomers, came together this past Saturday to celebrate Holi.

“In India, Holi brings together people from all walks of life. We want our event to mirror the same idea,” said junior Avika Sharma, president of the Hindu Students’ Association, which hosted the event.

The celebration, a springtime Hindu festival of color that symbolizes the success of good over evil and the start of spring after winter, was held midday on Wilson Quad for a little over an hour. People threw powdered color dye around as music blared outside Wilson Commons.

Many students came to the event not knowing much about Holi at all.

“I don’t know much about it, but my friend told me to come. It was a lot of fun and a great stress reliever this afternoon,” freshman Mike Tufano said.

Senior Alex Veech, who attended with her friend, said, “We’re seniors and haven’t come to this before. It was on our bucket list and now that we’ve come, we wish we have come sooner. It was so fun and also a good way to celebrate good weather.”

There were also students who knew a lot about Holi and always celebrate it.

“I’m on Bhangra and we come to the event every year, but I also participate every year even at home. It’s usually in the temple in my community. It’s really fun to get together with friends and family,” freshman Nishali Parikh said.

Shanay Shah, a graduate student of finance, said, “Celebrating Holi in India is an auspicious day for us. I heard about it from Facebook, and come here every year. It was a lot of fun.”

The event also consisted of a performance by Bhangra, and a Henna tattooing done by Raas. The event was cosponsored by Aditi, Ria, MLC, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Gamma Phi Beta.

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