Meeting date: 1/30/17

Top take

  • A group of students brought up concerns of gender and sex discrimination in 55 student organizations, including fraternities, sororities, a cappella groups, and club sports teams.

  • Senators, committee chairs, SA President Vito Martino, SA Vice President Lance Floto, and ACJC Chief Justice Alec Girten discussed five courses of action: sending the concerns to ARC for review, requesting ACJC to review concerns via an appeal, drafting a statement in support of protesters’ concerns, creating a group of senators to review the constitutions of the organizations in question, and sending the concerns to the SA President for executive action.

  • Senate voted to create a small group of senators to review constitutions, draft a statement in support of the concerns brought up at the meeting, and organize a meeting between the protesters and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (FSA).

  • Senators conducting review are Kamel Awayda, Leif Johansen, Zoë James, Joey Stephens, and Joshua Pachter

Other bits

  • Magnum Opus Rochester Entrepreneurs had its appeal dismissed by ARC.

  • Preliminary status of Table Talks tabled.

  • UC Actuarial Club given preliminary status.

  • Student Life drafting petition to City of Rochester to remove “Indian Town” sign located near the Genesee.

  • UofR Stars and Stripes initiative started.

  • Would provide recognition of facilities, dining services, and transportation services workers.


  • Executive branch has created the “Senator Projects Fund” that allocates $2,000 for senators to work on personal SA-related projects.

  • Past SA Vice President Melissa Holloway and current Executive Director of Student Life Nicholas Contento organizing nobannowall

  • Welliora Campaign set to return in April.

  • Senator Leif Johansen appointed to replace Nicholas Pierce on the Constitution Task Force.

  • Chief Justice Alec Girten resigned from the Constitution Task Force.

  • Justice Christian Keenan appointed to fill Chief Justice Girten’s spot on the Constitution Task Force.

  • SA President Vito Martino appointed Deputy Speaker Marco Ramos to the Constitution Task Force.


Next meeting

  • Feb. 6 in Wilson Commons’ Gowen Room at 8 p.m.

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