I’m proud to promote a super talented artist today! Her name is Princess Vitarah and she’s a badass who’s music is on Soundcloud and Spotify. I was so happy when I opened up SoundCloud on my browser this afternoon and find that Princess Vitarah released a new EP of raps! The EP is called “Project V” and it lives up to the expectations created by her two excellent singles, “Nigerian [P—y]” and “Tell Your Husband.”

Vitarah’s two lead singles before the release of “Project V” featured tight, simple, trendy-sounding trap beats. They might not have been “game changing” beats, but they went hard  (the claps and snaps on the beat to “Nigerian [P—y]” were ear candy). However, it wasn’t just the beats that carry Princess Vitarah through her songs. Vitarah’s technical skill, attitude, feminist message, and sense of humor on these two singles set her apart from a sea of “trendy” rappers in the internet underground today.

On “Project V,” Princess Vitarah delivers the same empowering attitude as on her lead singles, over sophisticated beats that channel modern day underground trap as well as throwback Dr Dre/So-Cal vibes (think Chronic 2001). The EP’s opening track, “You Text Back Slow” feels like Vitarah is starting where her last single “Tell Your Husband” left off. On “Tell Your Husband,” Vitarah vents about married men who blow up her phone. On “You Text Back Slow,” Vitarah laments the opposite: a man who takes too long to respond to her messages and leaves her hanging. While Vitarah’s raps stay focused on similar material as her past singles—female empowerment, men being crazy—her tone feels more urgent on Project V, making the EP a very fitting place to leave off after her two singles gave us a taste of her fire.

The second track off of the EP, “Money on my Mind,” is where Princess Vitarah delves into uncharted sonic territory. The track has hot synths that evoke a Lil Wayne type beat, with futuristic filters and sound effects to give the track an exciting sheen. It explores Vitara’s determination to be at the top of the game, and, in general, it’s a very fulfilling listen. Other highlight tracks include “Diamonds,” which has beautiful funk guitars and a super groovy vibe, and “Everything I Want” has Drake-esuqe bubbly synths and an EDM-type modernity.

Princess Vitarah is the kind of low-key, up-and-coming star that I love discovering in 2016. I would venture to say that her beats and vocal tracks aren’t mastered. As of right now, her tape has four likes. However, in this day and age, that don’t mean a thing. Princess Vitara is in it to win it with her attitude, and I think that’s enough to make her a star.

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