UR Women’s Basketball season came to an end just shy of two weeks ago with a tough loss against Amherst College. URWB completed the game with 50 points to Amherst’s 78 points. Although the Yellowjackets did not move onto the final four in the NCAA Division III, the team managed to capture a spot in the Elite 8 which, for UR, was a victory within itself.

The game against Amherst was both pivotal and nerve-racking, according to URWB players. Sophomore forward Cassandra McCambridge explained that, leading up to the game, the ’Jackets were “extremely pumped” and wanted to “keeping going more than anything.”

Sophomore guard Lauren Deming played a strong game, totaling 13 points and six assists for UR. Sophomore forward Alexandra Leslie added 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists to the Yellowjackets’ overall score. The game got off to a rather slow start, but picked up its pace with the first quarter ending at 31–17 in favor of Amherst.  

In the second half, the Yellowjackets pushed through and managed to trail by only eight points, where Amherst led 43–34. The third quarter proved again to be in Amherst’s favor, when they managed to tally an impressive 26 points to UR’s 10. Ultimately, Amherst kept the lead into and through the fourth quarter, gaining their advancement into the Division III Final Four. The ’Jackets’ opponents would fall to Thomas Moore College in the tournament’s semifinal.

The athletically-focused players on the court, as described by McCambridge, played their best, but unfortunately fell short by 28 points. “In the end they really did just beat us,” she said.

URWB coach Jim Scheible told his players that they didn’t lose the game, but Amherst won it. The humility and appreciation for making it this far into the season was clear on the faces of all the players, and just the opportunity to be a part of the Elite 8, something that the Yellowjackets had worked so hard for, was well worth all the effort.  

We definitely played our hearts out that night, and we left everything out on the court for sure,” McCambridge said.  “I doubt any of us have regrets. But I’d say it was a good end to the season.”

Scheible recognized the tremendous effort and spirit from all URWB athletes. Seniors Tylar Guerrieri, Kelsey Hurley, Kayla Kibling, and Emily Lewis gave “great leadership” throughout the year and had “important contributions on the floor.”

Kibling (16 points) and Deming (13) led URWB past Bowdoin College to the Elite Eight. Junior guards Brynn Lauer (PG) and Sarah Kaminsky (3G) and senior Kibling (2G) also provided very solid guard play throughout the year.

Additionally, leading scorers Deming (11.1 ppg) and Leslie (15.6 ppg) had monumental performances throughout the year. Leslie posted 23 and 25 points in the NCAA regional that UR hosted to beat Johnson & Wales and Stockton.  

On Wednesday, Leslie was honored further as she wasrecognized as a First Team All-American by D3hoops.com and a Third Team All-American by DIII News.

UR is currently ranked #16 in NCAA Division III,  and finishes its season with a 23-6 record.

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