As we begin this decidedly snowier semester, we here at the Campus Times are embarking on a beginning of another sort. With this new year, a new editorial staff will make up the Editorial Board.

Put plainly, the function of the Editorial Board is to express an opinion that is representative of both the paper and, ideally, the campus at-large. In the past, articles have been written on such diverse topics as the Paris bombing of last November, “the feasibility of having a food cooperative” (Vol. 24, No. 3, 1978), or demanding that the administration “keep [televisions] out of our dining centers” (Vol. 44, No. 3, 1998). Regardless whether the latter two topics are relevant now, it’s clear that they were, at some point, hotly debated issues on our campus.

That, in essence, will be the goal of this Editorial Board. We will, to the best of our abilities, strive to represent the student body and its thoughts as they pertain to the most pressing issues both on this campus and in the world. Obviously, it isn’t possible to accurately represent the opinions of every last Yellowjacket; rather, the Editorial Board will provide an opinion that we believe represents the best interests of the student body.

Though oft-mocked, the concept of “meliora” is something the Editorial Board takes seriously. Endeavoring to improve the accuracy, timeliness, and impact of the opinions we share is not just a guiding principle—it’s something that’s tangibly manifested every day, whether we’re sitting in on Student Association meetings or fact-checking late into night down in the bowels of Wilson Commons, where the CT office calls home.

Our promise for 2016 is to provide the University with relevant, thought provoking writing that consistently maintains a tradition of excellence. As a student-run publication, we’re entrusted with a great deal power. And this year, we intend to show you why we earned it in the first place.

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