Let’s be honest here. The fact that I called the Rams over the Niners, predicting the score within four total points of the actual score is pretty remarkable. If you placed a bet on that game on my advice, you’re probably an idiot, but also probably rich right now. Week 10 doesn’t have nearly as many blockbuster games as last week did, but there are still some matches worth checking out:

Browns at Bengals:

Despite the fact that this involves the Browns, it’s actually one of the more exciting games this week. Two teams in contention for the shockingly strong AFC North will duke it out in primetime, pitting the underperforming Bengals against the overperforming Browns. Titans of the rust belt, champions of semi-exciting play. However, the Bengals get a huge boost with the return of AJ Green, and Jeremy Hill appears to be a convincing replacement for Giovani Bernard. I see the Bengals walking away with this one, although it could be close. 28-21 Cincinnati.

Chiefs at Bills:

The Chiefs return to the Ralph after last year’s victory, led by Kansas City sleeper agent Jeff Tuel. Despite the 3rd string rookie QB starting last year, the Bills kept the game close, and barring a hideous 14 point swing caused by an endzone pick six, the Bills played a competitive game against the Chiefs. Buffalo has only improved, and Kansas City, while still formidable, has returned to earth somewhat. I must mention that I am a Bills fan, and that by writing this, I have doomed the team to lose on Sunday. I think the Bills come out ahead on this one. 20-14 Buffalo.

Steelers at Jets:

I barely have to write anything for this one. The Jets are the dictionary definition of dumpster fire. Almost nothing is working on either side of the ball for them. Combine this with the red hot Steelers led by a Ben Roethlisberger the NFL hasn’t seen in years (12 TDs in his last two games, God help us all), and this game will be UGLY for the Jets. Did I mention the Jets suck? 35-9 Pittsburgh.




Dolphins at Lions:

A couple of good teams playin’ good, gritty football. Both of these teams boast strong defenses and capable offenses, although Lamar Miller may be hobbled, and Nick Fairley almost certainly will not play. No matter how you slice it, this is gonna be the game to watch at 1pm this Sunday. As much as I respect the Dolphins, I think Calvin will go back to being Calvin, and that’ll lead to the Lions eventually coming out on top. 27-24 Detroit.

Bears at Packers:

This is a grudge match. It’s got two of the most storied teams in football, and one of the most vicious rivalries in the history of the game. However, the Bears have been subpar to say the least, and the Packers have been the Packers. After having their defense annihilated by New England, expect Chicago to give up slightly less impressive numbers to a powerhouse Green Bay offense. 31-14 Green Bay.

Panthers at Eagles:

Two teams slated to be the top of the NFC in the pre-season showdown on Monday night in the city of brotherly love. However, only one has come close to living up to expectations, and it ain’t the team in the NFC South that just lost at home to New Orleans. The Panthers offense has been struggling, and the defense has been nowhere near as solid as it was last year. Meanwhile, Mark Sanchez somehow looks competent and the Eagles’ O-line is slowly piecing itself back together. The Eagles will fly, and Cam Newton will have to wear his sad towel again. 35-17 Eagles.

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