Get out your rain jackets fellow Yellow Jackets because spring is here. You know spring is here when you start wishing that your glasses came with built- in windshield wipers. However, I love spring. The smell of wet concrete clears up a cloudy mind. The rain showers make me feel as if I’m in a love scene in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

I jumped into a puddle, not realizing how deep it was. I would like to take the chance to extend this into a metaphor. Wait, never mind, that is way too cliché. After lunch, my friend and I went outside to run in the rain. We made sure to wear thin white t-shirts to show off the physiques that we do or don’t have. I will say this–we’re in better shape than the economy during the Great Depression.

We decided to take a run on the path outside of campus. I can’t believe how big of a puddle there is near Rochester. It’s almost as if it’s a river. I mean, the puddle is so big they had to build a bridge over it.

We ran over to Southside and then decided that we should take a plane back to campus. Students are currently hoping that April showers bring them at least a room in Towers. Once we got back to the academic quad, a man asked us if we could direct him toward the library. We assumed he was talking about Rush Rhees, so we directed him towards the huge building you can see from anywhere on campus.

We also followed some tours for prospective students. On a rainy day, the number of tours somehow seems to double. What if for every touring group, the University took one currently enrolled student, forced them to go on the tour, and then required them to ask questions that the meridian could hit out of the park?

After spending several months in Rochester, I am contemplating getting a degree in degrees. With temperatures constantly changing and storms plotting their damage on students, one can only enjoy the peaceful rain that we are experiencing right now.

Horgan is a member of the class of 2017

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