1. How did you first get involved with golf?

I first started playing golf around age 9. I was watching golf on TV and it looked fun. My dad played golf for a long time; he made me some small clubs and we went to the driving range. I was involved in a lot of different sports as a kid, but I found golf to be the most difficult and the most rewarding.

2. What was your proudest moment as a golfer?

My favorite moment as a golfer was winning Liberty Leagues last spring. I was playing a match against a golfer from Skidmore and birdied the first playoff hole to send us to Nationals.

3. What professional do you try to model your game after?

Phil Mickelson. He is my favorite player and the hometown favorite in San Diego. I admire his aggressiveness on the golf course, and how he wins tournaments with his short game. I’ve always felt my short game is my greatest strength, but there’s still so much I can learn from a professional like him. He is also a role model off the golf course and very supportive of the San Diego community.

4. What is your favorite course to play?

My favorite course is my home course in San Diego, Balboa 18. Torrey Pines, which are also city courses and get all the publicity, are world-class but Balboa is where I learned to play the game, hit the ball straight, and deal with bad lies and tricky shots.

5. What is your favorite club?

I would usually say my putter because it is my greatest strength, but my 3-wood did not let me down this week. The Grandover courses require a lot of tight tee shots be placed in the fairway, and I didn’t miss with it on the last day. I was also able to reach the par-5 sixth hole in 2 from 275 out with it, and it led to me making eagle.

6. How did it feel to score a 69, your best round to date?

I’ve broken par quite a few times, but I’ve never hit the ball that well in my life, and I was beside myself. After making eagle on the sixth and moving to 4-under, I was in disbelief. I knew all I had to do was close out the round on the last three holes. Tapping in for 69 on the last green was one of the best feelings in my golf career.

7. Would you rather spend the day with Abe Lincoln or Beyoncé? Why?

As a political science major, I have to say Abe Lincoln. He was one of America’s greatest Presidents and I would love to spend a day with him. Also, the dude knows how to dress, and has ten times the swag Beyoncé could ever dream of.

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 the class of 2017.

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