This year, UR has over 340 international freshmen, the most it has ever had. Here are a few snapshots of this year’s freshman class.


Kigali, Rawanda

An ambitious student with a passion for health research and helping others, Kaze was immediately attracted to UR’s high standing as a top research institution. Although she was born in Burundi, she spent her childhood in Kigali, Rwanda.

As a new resident of the Northeast, Kaze is looking forward to experiencing all four seasons for the first time.


Rubublic of Estonia

Laube was born in the Republic of Estonia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe surrounded by countries including Finland, Russia, Latvia, and Sweden.

After spending the past two years studying in Italy, he chose to round out his international education and enroll at UR.

While in Estonia, he served as a representative for over 200,000 students through the Estonian Student Councils’ Union, a part of the Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions.

His past experience have fueled his ambition to study Digital Media, along with Psychology and Business.

“All of these experiences and knowledge gained will always stay with me, no matter where I am or how my current interests evolve,” Laube said.


Beijing, China

A native of Beijing who transferred from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing, Rutian intends to study Theatre at UR. She describes life in Beijing as busy and filled with people, but decided to leave it all behind.

“I chose Rochester because of the International Theater Program and the amazing facilities available on campus,” Wang said.


London, U.K.

Although London is often credited as being a business capital of the world, Luis Arteaga Rodriguez, a native of the United Kingdom, was drawn to the business climate of the U.S. and the attractive size of the city of Rochester.

“It’s different being here, as I lived in a town of about 100,000 people where everything was within ten minutes distance, but I am loving it so far,” said Rodriguez.

He plans to study Business and Economics and is enthusiastic about all that UR has to offer.



For Ian Manzi, deciding to come to the University was taking a step outside hiscomfort zone. Upon completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Rwanda, he realized his desire to study Computer Science.

Manzi’s search for a university was based on excellent academics, a comfortable community, and a city that offerd opportunities for exploration.

“UR and Rochester at large fit in perfectly with my criteria and added two bonuses: loving people and the magical curriculum design,” Manzi said.



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