Often, people aren’t enthused with the idea of subtitles. When you’re watching a film, who wants to be reading all the while? Movies are supposed to give your mind a break from work and hard concerntration. But Intouchables, the 2011 French film featuring Omar Sy and François Cluzet, is sure to change your mind.

After a paragliding accident, Phillipe (François Cluzet) becomes a quadriplegic and needs constant aid to complete everyday tasks. Throughout his life, Phillipe is looked after by various caretakers who treat him as if he is incapable and incompetent. Yet after hiring Driss (Omar Sy), a young, sarcastic man from the projects of Paris, Phillipe is finally given the opportunity to experience love and adventure, as Driss sets him up on hot dates and brings him on wild police chases. But just as Driss makes Phillipe feel young, Phillipe begins exposing Driss in classical music and modern art, genres that comedically contrast with Driss’ dry sense of humor, love of hip hop and poor background as an immigrant from West Africa.

Even if you’re not a French speaker, Intouchables will not fail to make you laugh, sigh and even reconsider stereotypes of immigrants and handicaps alike.

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