This Saturday, Nov. 2, the Campus Times orchestrated an Halloween rager in Wilson Commons after hours.
“It was really just a great opportunity to let loose after the stress of midterms,” Features Editor Doug Brady, who was dressed as the gingerbread man for the festivities, said.
Brady was entrusted with gathering $17.50 from every attendee to raise money for Alcoholics Anonymous, the CT’s charity of choice.
“I send one text… to 214 people,” Brady continued. “Because the school wouldn’t permit official flyers, I did what any responsible host would.” Brady stated. “All in all, I think the turnout was satisfactory.”
At the height of the party, over 2,000 students had spent time at the CT party. Publisher Melissa Goldin, who dressed as a house elf, commented on how much organization the event required.
“It’s harder than people realize to effectively utilize the space we chose for the party,” Goldin said. “We had a zipline stretching from the banner bridge to Hirst lounge. That alone took Event Support 10 hours set up.”
She further explained the difficulty of placing Halloween decorations subtly throughout the day in the various rooms of Wilson. “The flag lounge was particularly difficult due to the constant flow of people and large quantity of flags. I had to figure out what to hang from which flag, look into which religions I had to avoid offending, things like that.”
Additionally, Arts & Entertainment Editor Rachel Sanguinetti, who dressed as Stuart Little from Stuart Little, was entrusted with coordinating the costume contest.
The winners of the group category were the a freshman hall dressed as the Wu Tang Clan.
“It was creative,” Sanguinetti said. “Their victory speech was their rendition of the song, ‘Triumph,’ which almost brought our party to a screeching halt. Luckily, the DJ shut off the microphone and put Arcade Fire on once again.”
Unfortunately, the excitement ended around 3 a.m. with the arrival of Public Safety.
“It got to be troublesome when students broke into the Pit and ate all of the frozen treats,” President of the University Joel Seligman said. “Sometimes, I get so sick of the man ruining fun on campus. I was having a blast up until then.”
McAdams is a member of
the class of 2017.

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