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The still-unfinished walkway between Rush Rhees Library and Douglass Dining Center is a sight with which UR students are all too familiar, as construction has dragged on since the start of the school year.

While the annoyance of walking circuitous routes around the construction is nothing new to students, the completion date of Friday, Feb. 1, is not. Therein lies the problem: a lack of communication between Campus Design and Construction Management and students.

Students have complained about the length of time the construction project has taken, but it’s not as behind-schedule as students may expect. The estimated completion date was originally set for the end of December. If this date had been communicated to students, this seemingly endless sidewalk construction project would have had an end in sight and eased students’ frustrations.

“Although we understand the importance of having the walkway open, there were unforeseen challenges and the original estimates were just too optimistic,” Executive Director of Campus Planning and Design and Construction Management Jose Fernandez said.

Estimated dates of completion for these easily delayed construction tasks are difficult undertakings. For the students, however, simple communication of the plan and its challenges or changes would be appreciated.

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