The review of "Korea Night" seems like it was written by someone who wasn't even at the event.

Courtesy of Shermaine Singh, Staff Photographer.

This year’s review on Korea Night 2011 “Korea’s Got Seoul” was a very offensive and pretentious article.  The author blatantly stating that the skit was lackluster, poorly written and poorly acted is completely disrespectful to both directors and actors who have spent great time and effort to put on this cultural show.

At times, it almost seems as though Tim’s objective was to criticize the skit rather than provide an objective review.  He says the skit gives the “opposite of its intended effect” a bold assumption that makes me question whether in fact he understood at all the concept of the skit or the role it plays in the theme of “Korea’s Got Talent.”

He spends a very large amount of the article insulting the skit with very general statements yet spends only a small amount speaking of the performances, the main portion of the show.

In the few sentences that he does spend talking about the performances, he only mentions co-sponsors.  I feel as though even someone who did not attend the show could have written this article just as easily.

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