“The Susan B. Anthony Makeover was poorly conceived.”
A light-hearted jab at Rochester society’s obsession with the city’s past or passing fame.

One familiar with Second City, the Chicago- and Toronto- based troupe, by their reputation for improv theatre might not expect a cultural revue that touches on the heart of Rochester culture. But anyone who sees “I’ll Be Geneseeing You” at Geva Theatre should expect nothing less. A kind of variety show, this is a frivolous comedic tour of all the old stomping ground Rochesterians hold dear, complete with a musical number reflecting on our drunken devotion to garbage plates as well as another about our penchant for festivals in the summer and charity balls in the winter. And, true to Second City standards, the show includes audience prompts and participation to guide them through some more loosely scripted improvised scenes.

“I’ll Be Geneseeing You” plays through February 6th. More details can be found at http://www.gevatheatre.org/plays/secondcity.php.
–Jonathan Wetherbee

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