The Students’ Association has launched today its new Campus Club Connection Web site, which includes an array of improvements from its previous version as well as an easier-to-navigate system for both club officers and interested members.

In the months leading up to its launch, the SA held focus groups with club leaders and members to hear critiques of the old page, as well as advice and comments for the new version. Thus, the new adjustments were primarily made to cater to the student body. The request and critiques of the student body were in consideration when the system was being updated, and it’s resulted in shorter URL’s, personalized Web pages that will alleviate the potential responsible of a club Webmaster to be HTML and Web designing savvy and an aesthetically pleasing Web site.

With the launch of the new CCC, the Hive committee has also completed the final piece of their threefold project to revamp the SA government, Student Organization Calendar and CCC Web site. The larger project was meant for the three Web pages to be interconnected and easy to navigate between. Although the system is relatively new, there still appears to be missing components that would make the overall network better in sync. Currently, the calendar Web page lists off the title and dates of events and their hosts without any further descriptions or denoting their significance. If the calendar were in sync with the information that clubs provide on their CCC page, event descriptions could be easily pulled from there, further allowing for easier access for site users.

However, and most importantly, to avoid seeing the new CCC go the same way as many outdated and infrequently updated club web pages, the SA needs to strongly push clubs to utilize the tools of the new CCC. But ultimately it is the responsibility of the clubs and organizations to update the pages. Groups need to meet the SA halfway and fully utilize the new CCC to better keep group projects, events and membership information as up to date and easy to access as possible.

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