Just in time for spring registration, the Office of the Registrar has taken initiative to improve students’ ability to not only register for classes, but also to navigate the database of course schedules and descriptions.

Compared to last spring, when the slow server only added to students’ frustration when registering for courses, the recent updates are a much-needed improvement on the accessibility of the course schedule and listing database. The Registrar also improved upon the speed and reliability of searching through those listings.

The Registrar’s Office has also integrated UR Access into Blackboard including a tab that links directly into the UR Access database. This change means students no longer have to remember a separate pin number to access their grades or online transcripts a feature that will eventually turn Blackboard into one main control panel for students.

While both of these were great steps in the right direction, the Office of the Registrar should also make it a priority to work with each of the academic departments to ensure that course listings are updated and accurate. An improved database is only effective if course descriptions are regularly maintained and untaught classes are removed.

Although improvements were made to the actual Web-based registration system, implementing a new course registration module that falls in line with the updated course listing would further allow for an expanded ease of access and help with slow-down issues on the actual days of registration.

Registration is an important time. These changes, along with the already helpful changes made to the Registrar’s online offerings, will only further bolster students’ ability to find the most up-to-date information and easily access this information during registration periods.

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