If there is one thing that Anna Dobrzynski knows how to do, it is scoring goals. The sophomore field hockey forward recorded a hat trick in UR’s victory against Washington and Jefferson University on Sunday.

Dobrzynski gave the Yellowjackets their first goal in the 35th minute and never looked back. When it was all said and done UR took the victory, 3-0, with all three goals scored by Dobrzynski.

She is second on the team in goals and third in points.

What is your dream job?
To be a history teacher, which is very weird. I’m studying history here, and I want to teach history in high school and coach field hockey.

Grass or Turf? Why?
I like turf better. I played on grass my whole life, all through high school, and when I came here I was really skeptical of the turf because it was very fast. I was used to playing on grass and using my power. But I really like it because you can utilize the turf so much and do more pulls and more dodges that aren’t unpredictable as they were on the grass. It is easier to manage.

How did you get started at [the forward] position?
I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to score goals. I knew I wanted to play forward and attack so that’s what I shot for.

Who is your main wingwoman on the team?
Allison Beardsley. We work really well together. She plays forward, too.
In our last game we had these passing combinations that were amazing. She assisted two of my goals.

How did you feel getting a hat trick against Washington and Jefferson?
Pretty good because I have never gotten one before. It was a whole team effort, hands down.

How hard can you hit the ball?
I think pretty fast. I use my legs to really power the ball into the net. I like to hit the ball really fast. I used to play golf when I was younger. My parents were golfers so they used to make me hit the ball a lot so that’s probably why I like to play field hockey but not golf at all.

It can get intense in a game. Have you ever gotten any bad injures?
No, I have never gotten stitches or broken anything, but I have seen girls get hit in the eyebrow and get stitches. It happened to three girls last year. I’ve seen people tear their MCLs and ACLs. It’s not good but I have never done it, thank God.

What has been your biggest game at UR so far?
Our last game when we played William Smith and beat them because we have never beaten them before. [We haven’t beaten them] since I’ve been here and I can’t remember the last time we beat them. It was a really, really long time ago.

What is the key to the team’s success?
I think our team works really well together when we pass and when we really work as a team. When we are on, I think we can beat any team in the Liberty League. We have so many skilled people on our team that can bring different things to the table. Like different lifts and different powers that when they are all combined we are on fire.

How do you think the team will do in the last stretch of games?
I think if we play to our highest potential, we can beat all these teams. We have to beat Union to get into the Liberty Leagues. I think we can beat them pretty easily if we come with our full game. Skidmore is going to be a really hard game but the same thing. I think we see different teams all the time and we can beat any team in the Liberty League.
Manrique is a member of
the class of 2012.

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