With over 170 events, a record number of alumni attended Meliora Weekend this past week a number that has successively grown each year. The success of this weekend is recognizable not just in the large turnout, however, but in the buildup surrounding the events and the execution of a myriad of events ranging from the Rochester Revue to Financial Symposium. What is perhaps most impressive and admirable still is that this conglomeration of events, organized by a variety of different offices, never lacks in creativity while also always run smoothly.
One of the best examples of that this year was the ‘Who’s George?” campaign, run by the Office of Alumni Advancement. Not only was the event well advertised fliering, use of the Weekly Buzz and working with student leaders were all utilized but it was also well executed. The unveiling of the statue itself had a large attendance and the added bonus of providing students with free shirts is always appreciated.
The decision to bring in Steven Chu as the keynote speaker is also indicative of the hard work put into this weekend. Chu is especially meaningful to the University community, not just because he is a big name in the U.S. Cabinet, but because of his alumnus status. Campus Activities Board also deserves recognition bringing Bill Maher to the River Campus was an impressive addition to the already jam-packed weekend schedule.
Other programmers should take note: Not only has Meliora Weekend been an unrivaled success year after year, but such a large event requires a lot of organization and a lot of oversight, and the work that goes into this annual event is commendable not just by the Alumni Advancement and Alumni Relations offices, but also by the sponsors of each individual event. Combining Alumni Weekend with homecoming and Eastman weekend means that the expectations are high, and the fact that alumni, undergraduate and graduate communities are satisfied by the festivities is a testament to the how well-run these events are on campus.


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Performers interacted with the students running off the flimsy stage avoiding near-death with heels catching on the stairs of the stage.