Senior awarded Churchill scholarship

For the third time in three years, a UR senior was awarded a Churchill scholarship to further her studies at Cambridge University.

Senior Kristen Beck, a double major in mathematics and physics, is one of just 14 students selected nationally to pursue a higher education in engineering, mathematics or the physical and natural sciences.

Beck plans to study quantum optics in the Cavendish Laboratory under the tutelage of Michael Khl.

‘There is something special about quantum optics that fits into my unique set of skills,” she said.

She has worked on many scientific projects, and her resume includes working on the atomic clock that sets the national time standard with scientists in Colorado.
Beck has also traveled to Switzerland to work with the Large Hadron Collider, the highest energy particle accelerator in the world.

No stranger to awards, Beck has garnered numerous accolades during her time at UR. These include the Catherine Block Memorial Prize for the most outstanding woman science student in the junior class and the Stoddard Prize for the best sophomore math student.

UR is one of a few universities across the country that nominates students for the scholarship.

Beck’s interests expand beyond the natural sciences. Beck has pursued an interest in the flute and will graduate with a minor in music.

Former UR graduate
student pleads guilty

Former UR graduate student Gilbert Kirton pleaded guilty to child pornography charges on Tuesday Feb. 17. He faced allegations that he owned 10,000 images of child porn as well as 140 videos on his computer. The former writing instructor taught both CAS 105 and CAS 142. Kirton faces sentencing on May 19.

Kirton appeared in federal court on Oct. 16 and was charged with two federal charges of possession and receiving or distributing child porn.

Kirton was originally informed by former director of graduate studies Thomas Hahn that he was under investigation. He proceeded to destroy his computer into six different parts and disposed of them across campus.

URMC launches high-tech response system

Due to a new emergency response system developed by URMC involving video podcasts, emergency responders will be prepared to treat elderly community members.

‘With a video podcast, [EMTs] can sit in their ambulance or base between calls and learn new skills,” Chief of the Division of Pre-hospital Medicine at URMC Manish Shah said.
Shah led the development of the program and Shah has a special interest in geriatrics. The video sessions will address challenges that include caring and communicating with older adults.

Willis is a member of
the class of 2011.

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