The council to discuss the current ban on busing to and from bar parties will hear feedback this week. Busing was banned in response to a fight that broke out on Thursday, Sept. 16 on a bus coming back from a Senior Night bar party.

‘We have spoken to the student Senate and the junior and senior class councils to hear what they think some solutions to the problems are,” Dean of Students Matthew Burns said.

Some of the issues identified by the various groups about the busing situation were pregaming, underage drinking and what role Security should have in the events.

‘Some students are in favor of more buses, the idea being that the less crowded they are, the less likely that bad things will happen on them,” Burns said.

Other ideas suggested were controlled lines for getting on the buses, a limited number of nights that bar parties can occur and a limit for what time they can occur. The group has had busing company representatives explain what they believe the problems are as well.

Burns noted that a number of groups had requested to have small closed bar parties, and they were allowed to have busing. The 2009 Class Council also submitted a proposal for a Senior Night, and they were asked to rework their proposal and resubmit it.

‘I really hope that we are able to get Senior Nights back before the end of the semester with this proposal,” social chair of the 2009 class council and senior Mustafa Rehmani said.

‘Our timeline hasn’t really changed,” Burns said. ‘We still want to finish by the end of the semester.”

In regard to the incident that caused the moratorium, Burns said that the case is closed but the judicial process is moving forward.

Brunell is a member of the class of 2012.

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