The unofficial results from the Students’ Association and Class Council elections were released last night on The Hive Web site, and juniors Eric Sansky and Tyler Socash were announced as the winning ticket for the presidential election.

The polls, which closed at 9 p.m., showed Sansky and Socash at a lead with 628 votes. Their opposition, juniors Mustafa Rehmani and Brett Young and sophomores Patrick Chase and Tal Cushmaro, trailed with 425 and 360 votes, respectively.

The winners expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming year. After learning of their victory, both Sansky and Socash reiterated their platform positions to concentrate on visibility, communication and school spirit.

“Honestly, I want to get up there tomorrow and start working,” Sansky said.

“I was just overwhelmed with the feeling that it is time to go to work,” Socash said. “In a positive way, I’m excited to implement our platforms.”

Current SA President and junior Alvin Lomibao commented on his successors’ upcoming challenges, speaking specifically about meal plan issues and Dandelion Day.

“There will be a lot of contentious issues coming up next year,” Lomibao said. “Eric and Tyler will have to be very tactful in how they approach these contentious issues.”

The winning candidates of the five At-Large Senate seats include Lomibao (660 votes), Chase (509), sophomore Sylvia Guerra (344), sophomore Julia Winer (340) and freshman Gao Xiang Chen (332). Sansky won the third seat with 492 votes, but as winner of the presidential race, he cannot accept the position.

There will also be three senators for each class, with a combination of incoming and returning senators.

“We have a good combination of new people coming in and veterans and that can only mean a great dynamic at the beginning of the year,” Lomibao said.

“When it comes down to it, all the new senators will have to work closely with each other over the course of the next year to fix the problems facing our student body and to generally improve student life on campus,” newly elected Senator and sophomore Eric Weissmann said.

Winners of the class of 2009 Senate race include juniors Janna Gewirtz (193), Harrell Kirstein (163) and Rohan Naik (146). The class of 2010 chose Weissmann (307), Jon Junig (250) and Ryan Mills (174) to fill its three senator positions.

The class of 2011 senator positions were won by Ezra Mechaber (242) and Dennis Nave (173).

The winner of the third seat remains inconclusive because, according to Thursday evening’s election results, there was a tie between Dale Levine and Carlos Tejeda (146). The vote count must be confirmed by Information Technology Services technician Steven Song, which would subsequently result in a run-off election between the two candidates.

“Even though there are no paper ballots to sway the numbers, there could be some programming or comp analysis that changes the results,” election chair and sophomore Lauren Sussman said.

Weissmann affirmed his hopes that the newly elected student government will perform effectively and positively.

“I am confident that the new Senate will be able to get past any differences they have and work well with both Eric and Tyler to ensure a successful and productive year,” Weissmann said.

There were eight candidates selected from each class to fill class council seats. The Senior Class Council will consist of Yorda Yenenh, Lomibao, Rehmani, Gewirtz, Mike Furlani, Kazuki Sakamoto, Mike Shea and Nathan Danek.

The Junior Class Council will include Weissmann, Nikki Socash, Cushmaro, Sarah Hyser, Julia Chambers, Katie Wang, Katie Litts and Min Hur.

The Sophomore Class Council will consist of Ahmad Rehmani, Ezra Mechaber, J.J. Gonzalez, Tejeda, April Hu, Sharon Gunther, Hannah Lejfer and Dong “George” Wang.

This year’s election collected statistics on when and where students voted. Lomibao expressed his hopes that this feature will allow further streamlining of voting in elections in upcoming years.

Leber is a member of the class of 2011.

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