The “For Your Pleasure Party,” hosted by Women’s Caucus this past Monday, was unlike any party we had ever been to before. For Your Pleasure, Inc. Regional Manager Liz Seligman (no relation to UR’s president, as far as we know?) came to Morey Hall with a wide variety of sex toys and trinkets. The premise? To describe the products, play with them a little and have fun along the way. Liz’s disclaimer: “This is not a sex ed class.” However, she did give the basic safe sex, use a condom talk and included hygiene and basic safety instructions for all products.

The start of the gathering added some funny flavor to the evening. Students were given party menus and were asked to write down a sexy catch phrase along with five different numbers. We then switched menus with someone sitting near us and proceeded to play “sex-call” bingo: if someone calls your number, you call out your sex phrase. Some memorable ones included “Me so horny,” “Don’t Blow it!” and our personal favorite, “Oops!”. Whoever got all five of their numbers called received a goody bag with two sample-size lube containers, sexy matches, a condom and a few business cards.

A variety of fun and useful toys were featured during the hour-long session. Over 35 products were showcased by Liz, with categories ranging from “Eat Me! (Edible Treats)” and “Luscious Lubes” to “Ring Around the Roger” and “The Diva’s Toolbox.” Crowd favorites from the merchandise included “Coochy Cream” (for a stubble free shave), “Liquid V” Orgasm Enhancer and Clitoral Stimulant and the “Lil’ Love Plug” for those interested in the other end of the sex spectrum.

As for vibrators and dildos, Liz offered a variety of contraptions and gadgets for all different experience levels. Beginners could go for the $39 “Osaki Beaver,” whereas more experienced users may have preferred the $39 “8-inch Realistic,” more commonly known as “Adam.” This clever fella has a scrotum suction cup included for easy positioning and hands-free use! Those looking to splurge may enjoy the $89 “Rainbow Rabbit,” a two-way-twister-gyrator-vibrator with jelly jewels for extra stimulation.

Liz was nice enough to host a raffle, which awarded a prize worth about $150 that included several sexual exploration books, a rubber-studded dildo, a self-masturbation sleeve (just for the boys), massage oil, lubricant and several other treats.

The majority of the products were passed around for first-hand examination (professional and platonic, of course). By the end of the party, a few male audience members seemed a bit flabbergasted, but it was all in good, “wholesome” fun.

Anyone who wishes to have his or her own “For Your Pleasure Party” can contact Liz Seligman at or visit

Interested in ordering for yourself or someone special? Visit the Facebook event titled “For Your Pleasure Party” to order through UR’s Women’s Caucus’s representative.

Our personal experience during this party was one of enlightenment and amusement. Writers’ choice? “Liquid V” Orgasm Enhancer and Clitoral Stimulant was tried and tested true to be a tingley and titillating experience, all around.

Ballerano, Fischer and Werren are members of the class of 2010.

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