Autumn, I’m convinced, exists entirely to remind us of where we are going in life. It’s a natural period for self-reflection, what with the whole it’s-the-end-of-the-year, leaves-are-changing thing, and it even comes with a holiday built in to remind us of what we have that’s worth appreciating. Unfortunately, the Campus Times will not be published next week due to said holiday, so I think it’s only fair I state my appreciation now (and not to my family just yet, because they’ll get to hear it next week).

I’m thankful for my friends’ laughter at any one of my innumerable, awful puns and/or tasteless jokes. Laughter is one of the greatest sounds in the world, up there with thunder (magical!) and the opening theme of “The Office.”

In that vein, I’m thankful for knowing “that’s what she said.” Always funny.

I’m thankful for the concern of Dining Services. I think the concern is mostly of a “Students are mad at us about something – let’s just change it and maybe they’ll stop griping” nature, but that’s irrelevant. I’m happy they listen. I’m happy bacon is back to the Roc City Grille. I’m thankful to the two people here that truly cared on an equal level as myself (one of the CT copy editors and one of my fraternity brothers).

I’m thankful for the Hive’s free popcorn. I’m glad it’s back after an unfortunate absence (to my credit, I eat healthier than my editorials suggest – we all have our guilty pleasures though).

I’m thankful for my fraternity, in all their ridiculousness.

I’m thankful for writers. Not just the beautiful, smart CT staff writers, but our national writers as well. The Writers Guild of America deserves some dough, if only because I want anyone affected by the strike to be employed again. And I want “Lost” to stay on track, but that’s a (slightly) lesser concern.

I’m thankful for Michael Bubl. He’s got a nice voice.

I’m thankful for increasing tolerance. I hate that people still alternate “stupid” wiwth “gay,” but I see it on the decline and I appreciate those who make the effort.

I’m thankful for Deborah Stamm’s pluck. I think she should be allowed to have her dog on campus. If others have a morbid fear of dogs or severe allergies, I’m sure the Academic Center will work it out. To deny her straight out is lazy, selfish or both.

I’m thankful that the Athletic Department might recognize crew as a varsity sport. There is absolutely no good reason to deny it to them. The funds can be found.

I’m thankful for people who understand what college is for (hint: not a liberal arts education). If you’re not happy with anything here but your academics, you don’t get it. If you’re not happy with your academics but are still happy, you get it. If you’re not happy with either, leave this place now.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the Campus Times. It’s been a home to me; I’ve found great friends here. I’m proud of us, too – we do massive amounts of work for little in return. But we have each other. I’ll love Thanksgiving, for sure, but it’ll hard being apart for a week.

Brenneman is a member of the class of 2009.

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