The death of Joshua Locker five days ago has affected the entire UR community. While everyone reacts to a tragedy such as this differently, many people need help dealing with the situation. In a time such as this, it cannot be emphasized enough that there are a number of quality support systems on the UR campus.

University Counseling Center has an office in Dewey Hall on the River Campus as well as in the Towne House Building at the Medical Center. UCC provides numerous services, including individual and group therapy, to all students who pay the student health fee, which is a mandatory fee.

They also provide a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week professional on call to handle emergencies. All calls and visits are confidential, and all of the therapists are licensed or in training. UCC also has an extremely helpful Web site, with information such as how to schedule an appointment and refer a friend.

The River Campus office can be reached at (585)-275-3113 and the Medical Center office phone number is (585)-275-2361. The UCC professional on call can be reached by calling either of these numbers.

Therapists at UCC are certainly not the only members of the UR community lending their support at this difficult time. Chaplains, members of the Dean of Students’ office and Residential Life staff are among the numerous people willing to meet with students to discuss any and all questions that have come up as a result of this tragedy. In addition, four open community meetings with support services were set up, the last of which takes place tonight at 4 p.m. in the Interfaith Chapel Commons Room.

Other valuable resources are that of friends, D’Lions, Freshman Fellows and Residential Assistants. It can be strange talking about such a serious subject with those people you spend time having fun with, but we are all dealing with this crisis and your peers can offer valuable insight and comfort. The other side of the coin is that you are a resource to your peers as well. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, listen to those close to you if they feel the need to talk about the situation. You are doing them an incredible service. Studies have shown that talking about suicide does not cause suicide. Dialogue is normal, healthy and productive.

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