The unofficial results for the Students’ Association election were announced last night following the closing of the polls at 10 p.m. Presidential candidate and sophomore Alvin Lomibao and Vice-Presidential candidate and sophomore Janna Gewirtz won the presidential ticket. The other positions that were announced included Senators-at-Large, Class of 2008, ’09 and ’10 Senators and senior, junior and sophomore Class Council elects.

The votes are not yet official, as Information Technology Center, which ran the voting process, still needs to certify that the votes were counted accurately. They have five days to secure the official results. However, according to Elections Chair and freshman Jennifer Principio, the results are not likely to change.

“This was a fair election; all the rules were transparent,” Principio said. “We had a couple of minor infractions with poster guidelines, but nothing was done intentionally and everything was handled quickly.”

Pearlman echoed her sentiment.

“There was no backstabbing – everyone got along,” Pearlman said. “It was a competitive yet healthy competition.”

Lomibao and Gewirtz won the election with 763 votes, beating the opposing ticket of Presidential candidate and junior Greg Meditz and Vice-Presidential candidate and junior Dan Fisher by a margin of less than 80 votes.

Lomibao and Gewirtz, who ran on a platform of expansion and communication, are excited about starting their new positions.

“We need to figure out what gets done over the summer and how we can start next year with as much momentum as possible,” Lomibao said.

Gewirtz is equally enthusiastic.

“We’re really excited to work with everyone,” Gewirtz said. “Find us next April and hold us accountable for what we said we’re going to do.”

Meditz expressed his and Fisher’s congratulations toward the winning ticket.

“We would like to thank everyone that came out and voted,” Meditz said. “It was great to see such a competitive election from beginning to end. I would like to wish the best to my opponents and that they will serve the best interest of the student body.”

The election produced five At-Large seats in the Senate. The winning candidates included sophomore Eric Sansky (546 votes), freshman Maria Veklich (341), junior David Michaelson (342), freshman Kierstin Hughes (328) and sophomore John Oakford (325). Lomibao received the second-highest total with 424 votes but cannot accept the position.

The Class of 2008, ’09 and ’10 Senator elections yielded three senators per class. The class of 2008 winners included Daniel Goldstein (204 votes), Ari Stillman (132) and Peter Ozug (108).

The Class of 2009 senator positions were filled by Harrell Kirstein (214 votes), Mustafa Rehmani (205) and Michael Shea (185).

The Class of 2010 voted for Patrick Chase (296 votes), Jon Junig (286) and Kirstin Barry (254) as their senators.

Eight members of each class were selected for the Class Council elections.

The Sophomore Class Council will consist of Eric Weissmann, Nikki Socash, Sarah Hyser, Tal Cushmaro, Julia Chambers, Katie Wang, Min Hur and Katie Litts.

The Junior Class Council will be Yorda Yenenh, Tyler Socash, Mike Furlani, Kazuki Sakamoto, Michael Shea, Mustafa Rehmani, Nathan Danek and Sharyce Chen.

The Senior Class Council will include AJ Greico, Katie Matthews, Emily Paret, Bobby Sanborn, Joseph Panza, Valerie Tsang, Ariel Gros-Werter and Hannah Geswein.

Pearlman expressed his high expectations for the upcoming year.

“I think Student Government has the legitimacy to represent students next year and forever into the future,” Pearlman said.

Halusic is a member of the class of 2010.

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