UR is participating in an Enrolled Student Survey, which asks students about their participation in various aspects of campus life and their general views on the university. The survey is being conducted by schools that are members of the Consortium of Financing Higher Education, a group of 28 private colleges and universities.

The survey, which is conducted every four years, asks students how they perceive life on campus, their interactions with other students, involvement in academic and extracurricular activities and other questions about student life.

The survey allows UR to compare itself to other schools in the Consortium and receive student feedback. It helps the administration understand how students assess their undergraduate experience and guides administration decisions.

“It is helpful to see how these results change over time since this gives us some measure of the impact of various changes in our programs and policies… this is a way to assess what we are doing well and what needs improvement,” said Dean of the College Richard Feldman.

In the past, the survey revealed that students wanted greater involvement in the Rochester community. In response, the administration improved bus routes and added programs that connected students with the community.

Feldman hopes a large number of students will participate.

“Participation in the survey helps determine what the College will be like in the future,” he said.

Wrobel is a member of the class of 2010.

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