In Dining Services’ newest survey, they ask questions about the breakfast service provided to students. It is extremely important that all students take part in this survey, simply because it is the most constructive way to voice an opinion. It is reassuring to see how hard Dining Services works to reach out to the student body and synthesize its complaints and requests through surveys like this one, as well as the Town Hall Meeting coming up on Wednesday, March 28.

At the last Town Hall Meeting about dining, Director of Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Schauf gave a very extensive presentation on the future of dining. The plans were exciting and visionary, and following the meeting students were optimistic about changes they would be seeing in UR’s dining program.

The problem, however, is that while the plans laid out are good ones, in the short term, students see very little being done about their most basic dining complaints. Students have requested, for example, increased variety, and while in the long term that surely will happen, what about right now?

Dining Services works tirelessly for UR and is clearly trying to make big steps to improve their services. But a plan needs to be put in place for the short term to make little and obvious changes that everyone who eats at UR can immediately recognize. The plan itself should be easily viewable, as is the long-term plan, on the Web site. Students need to fill out the survey and attend the upcoming Town Hall Meeting to make their criticisms and ideas heard in a constructive way.

Hopefully, Dining Services will respond with a two-pronged plan that addresses those problems in both the short term and the long term.

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Acta, non verba

You bring the University value and add the dollar signs to the piece of paper they sell to thousands of families every year. Without you, this school is worthless.