Tuition is solution to book woes

Your editorial “Books Cause Woes” mentions that certain students cannot afford textbooks. At various universities, I have proposed that mandatory textbooks be included integrally in tuition cost. This provides for tuition grants to cover those necessary expenses.

-Michael C. Barris, Ph.D.Class of 1966

News writer needs to nix opinions

As a biology student, I was pleased to see Jorawer Singh’s article highlighting the University of Rochester’s placement on “Discover” magazine’s “Top 100 Science Stories of 2006” list. Our school’s impressive discoveries and innovations are something to be proud of. The poor journalism in Singh’s article, however, is not. He refers to “the short sighted injection of political rhetoric and unabashed ignorance into an otherwise factual debate” that is impeding stem cell research. While I might agree completely, it is not the job of what should be an impartial newspaper to rant to me on its own opinions, unless I am reading the Opinions page.

Furthermore, I have always maintained that chalking up differences in opinion to mere ignorance is intellectually immature and has all the profundity of an angsty teenager. I would appreciate it if the Campus Times’ own writers and editors could perhaps, in the future, refrain from injecting their own political rhetoric and unabashed bias into their stories.

-S. Zachary Swartz Class of 2007

From the Editor: On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to apologize to all of our readers for this mistake. Shortly after the printing of the Jan. 25 issue, we found this error. The sentence in question was not a reflection of the writer’s opinion, but instead a misrepresented quote from an outside source. This error passed by many sets of eyes unnoticed. As Editor-in-Chief, the fault is ultimately mine for failing to remove such a display of subjectivity before printing, even though it was unintentional. Thank you.

The Joker speaks

This sent me down a rabbit hole — how much force do you need to physically remove a male genitalia from the rest of the body?

Letter to the Editor: accusations of plagiarism against University professor

The pattern of plagiarism and misrepresentation does not suggest simply making a careless omission of a reference or two.

SDS protests field student support, concerns about administration

Last week, as the University ran its annual housing lottery for the upcoming year, SDS continued their protest on housing…