A vehicle parked in Library Lot was found to be leaking gas on Monday, Nov. 23, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty. The leak was discovered at 1 a.m.

Upon its discovery, UR Security officers summoned the Rochester Fire Department. The leak was found to be substantial and threatened fire if not handled professionally.

The area around the leaking car was flushed, removing the danger from the spilled gasoline.

In addition, a temporary plug was inserted into the hole in the gas tank to stem the flammable flow.

Investigation determined that the car belonged to a UR student, although they could not be reached at the time of the incident. No injuries were sustained by any of the involved parties.Rochester resident arrested for trespassingJames Fogle, 45, of Rochester was arrested on the River Campus on Tuesday, Nov. 24 after being found trespassing, according to Lafferty.

Fogle was found by UR Security on Hutchison Road near the Wilmot Building when he was apprehended.

Further investigation found that Fogle had previously been banned from University property on Nov. 19.

Fogle was again warned by UR Security and advised to stay off the property before being taken into custody by the Rochester Police Department, according to Lafferty.Unattended office burgled in Meliora A staff member working in Meliora reported the theft of their laptop computer and bank debit card from their office between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Nov. 18, according to Lafferty.

The crime was not reported to UR Security until Nov. 20.

The stolen property was in an office on the fourth floor of the building, according to the victim.

The office had been left open while the staff member attended “various functions.”

A police report has yet to be filed in the case but will be at a later date.Fraternity candle sets off fire alarmUR Security officers responded to the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house around 12:30 a.m. on Monday after the house’s fire alarm was activated, according to Lafferty.

Officers found that a DKE brother had lit a candle in his room, which had emitted sufficient smoke to activate the building fire alarm.

The student was warned against such behavior and advised not to light candles in the building.

Subsequently, the building fire alarm was reset to normal operation.Information provided by UR Security.

Majarian is a member of the class of 2008.

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