The University’s 72nd annual Boar’s Head Dinner was held last night in Douglass Dining Hall, bringing together students, faculty, administrators and staff in a traditional meal held every year since 1934.

Dressed in medieval attire, prominent members of the University’s administration and student body sat at the head table, with guests of honor including UR President Joel Seligman, SA President Alexander Pearlman and various other campus fixtures.

The dinner was well attended by students who had purchased tickets in advance and waited in line at the door to enter.

Entertainment at the dinner was provided by members of the Midnight Ramblers, Vocal Point, After Hours, the Yellowjackets and Off Broadway On Campus. In addition to singing, these performers served various parts of the meal to the tables.

Between courses, the Strong Jugglers performed a routine involving juggling clubs, jugglers balancing on inflatable balls and audience participation.

“The jugglers were great,” sophomore Kristen DeCarlo said. “They seemed really talented. It’s something I love to watch since I could never do it myself.”

In addition to entertainment, the night featured humorous speeches from President Seligman as well as the traditional legend of the Boar’s Head, as interpreted by Professor of History Celia Applegate.

Attendees also received mugs commemorating the event, in addition to a program of events.

“I had never been to a Boar’s Head before,” DeCarlo said. “I’ll be going again.”Majarian is a member of the class of 2008.

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