The Varsity Students Athlete Advisory Committee and the Students’ Association are constantly searching for new ways to increase student involvement at Varsity athletic games. While in the past these organizations have funded buses to St. John Fisher College or t-shirts and foam props for students, this year they have stepped the involvement up a notch. The most recent attempt to encourage student attendance has received excellent feedback from faculty, coaches and students. The Varsity Club Card works as a raffle ticket – it is punched every time you attend a varsity home game and, once it has been punched 10 times, it is entered into a drawing.

Unfortunately, the cards are not effective. After their immediate release, they were a great idea and used frequently. Nearly 1400 were handed out in the first week of school. Upon entering the stadium, someone would immediately punch a new hole in the Varsity Club Card. This energy has already dwindled. No longer does a hole-puncher stand at the door, awaiting the next Varsity Club Card holder. The hype around the raffle has also evaporated.

The loss of interest in the Varsity Club Card is a small example of a large problem. The real issue is the lack of students’ energy toward Varsity games. Despite many attempts to solve this predicament, none have lasted. It must be realized that it is not a matter of bribing students to attend varsity games – the overall energy at the games has to be adjusted first.

VSAAC and the SA should start sponsoring tailgate parties on the Susan B. Anthony hill before every game. The concession stand in the stadium should begin taking declining and selling alcohol to those 21 and older. More night games should be considered in scheduling. These changes, in addition to the Varsity Club Card and similar perks programs would encourage more involvement of the student body at Varsity games and enhance student life on campus.

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