To date, there are still 33 organizations and six club sports on probation. This is the result of ignoring their renewal process and failing to update their information on Campus Club Connection.

The electronic hub around which the entire Students’ Association runs is the CCC. This massive online database, of every single SA-funded club, allows for groups to organize events on campus, upload files of what their club does, keep in touch with prospective members and coordinate activities with other organizations.

Thus because of the great importance of the Campus Club Connection, logic dictates it should be well regulated. This logic inspires those in charge of CCC to strictly enforce its renewal deadlines.

There does not appear to be any reason for a failure to update. The Students’ Association Policy and Review Committee has repeatedly warned every organization of the hazards of not being up-to-date.

It is a show of irresponsibility that so many groups are on probation. The Policy Committee has given several reminders to the heads of each organization to keep on top of renewal. It is understandable that some of these groups are in this position – they may not have decided their organization could continue. But several organizations on probation are large and popular, and their officers are letting the organization down.

While there may be some difficult-to-envision scenario in which these organizations have been unable to realize their predicament, the school has every right to punish those organizations that cannot perform such a simple function. It is even awe-inspiring that, considering how successful many of these groups are, they would allow themselves to be put in danger of termination.

Every organization exists because students are genuinely interested in what that organization brings to campus. To fail at keeping updated on CCC is to fail every member of that organization.

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