As the first major UR Hip Hop and UR Concerts event of this year, G-Unit’s disc jockey Whoo Kid rocked campus last Sat., Sept. 16. Whoo Kid pumped up the crowd with his musical DJ skills and had an engaging performance.

The event’s great success set a rather high standard for all the concerts and performances that are scheduled to follow it this school year.

For those familiar with both rap and hip-hop music, DJ Whoo Kid is known as “an extremely talented and world renowned DJ,” freshman Rahul Tase said.

Tase was both impressed and thrilled to have an artist “who has captivated the urban world through his competitive DJ’ing skills” come and perform here on UR’s campus.

The event kicked off at 11 p.m. with a performance from UR’s own DJ Tej Dhillon, who heightened the excitement for Whoo Kid. By midnight, the crowd was thrilled to have none other than the G-Unit DJ himself rock the mic in Douglass Dining Center. His music was varied and upbeat, including rap and reggae among other vibrant styles.

Whoo Kid was accompanied by fellow G-Unit member Stunna, who kept the fans particularly pumped up, yelling catch phrases and getting everyone out on the dance floor.

Students were very impressed by the performance but also by the character of the other artists. “Any other artist of Whoo Kid’s stature could just have easily ignored his fans,” Tase said. “Instead Whoo Kid took the time to meet with his fans and even carried a short conversation with each of them. It really was a phenomenal event.”

The success of the event is owed to UR Hip Hop’s and UR Concerts’ coordination and good management.

“UR Hip Hop worked very hard to put on this event,” junior Jake Cohn, business manager of UR Concerts, said. “Especially in promotion, and I think it really paid off.”

UR Hip Hop’s head of publicity on this event, senior Sukhmit Kalsi, helped to make sure the turnout for this event was so good that not only were there lots of students from UR, but a number came from Rochester Institute of Technology, Monroe Community College, and Geneseo as well.

As the event died down, Stunna even offered inspiration to the stragglers who weren’t ready to leave: “He told the youth to stay in school, become educated and, more importantly, to stay safe,” Tase said.

His message of staying safe even carried over to parties on the Fraternity Quad later that night.

“There were no problems after the show, at least that we know of,” UR Security Special Events Manager Mike Epping said. “Every part of it – from the beginning to the end happened positively.”

Regarding future campus events, Eppings said that this event “absolutely set a positive tone for those to come.”

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