On Monday the Students’ Association Senate elected senator and freshman Hallie Cohn as the new Speaker of the SA Senate and sophomore Dan Fisher as the Deputy Speaker.

She plans to act as a “facilitator” in the position of SA Senate Speaker.

“I will promote communication between committees and senators to increase efficiency,” Cohn said. “I am proud to be a sophomore that is serving the senate in such a profound way.”

“I’m extremely pleased with senate’s selection for the new speaker and deputy speaker,” SA Vice President Katherine Del Balso said. “[Cohn and Fisher] are both dedicated, qualified and enthusiastic. They will bring fresh perspectives to student government next year, which will be beneficial for Senate’s growth.”

In addition, Fisher was elected Deputy Speaker.

“Hallie and I will make a great team and will facilitate communication between SA groups,” Fisher said. “We already have a terrific relationship with Alex and Marquis and I look forward to working very closely with them.”

Continuing, he said “During campaigning, all candidates wanted to incorporate students not already involved in SA government and that was my incentive to run for Deputy Speaker.”

The newly-elected students have the support of president and vice president-elect.

“Marquis and I have full confidence in Hallie and Dan,” junior and SA President-elect Alex Pearlman said. “We’re excited about creating a united student voice and serving students in the best way possible. This is quite a formidable team. I have high expectations.”

The meeting was the last for senior Dave Ladon as SA Senate Speaker, marking the end of his one-year tenure at the position. He took the opportunity to remark on his experiences in the position, commenting on the evolution of his character as he went from senator to speaker, as well as on the importance of building relationships as a member of student government. Scott can be reached at tscott@campustimes.org.

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