As I walk from my room in Phase to the center of campus, I always pass a large, rather ugly and misshapen rock. This lump of hardened earth is not just any rock, though, it is a piece of UR history, campus spirit and sorority girls. Sure, everyone notices the usually poor paint job and central location – but do people really appreciate it?

This rock, which is sadly labeled as “other rock” on UR’s landmark Web site, is actually kind of interesting. It was found in 1967 by construction workers who were building an addition onto the Rush Rhees Library. They moved this humble, natural landform to the grassy center of the Sue B. circle. Yet, they must have decided its grandeur was too distracting for a circular driveway and instead moved it off to its present, more secluded and modest abode.

To most, it may seem like no great feat to brand the rock with their paint and club announcements. I, on the other hand, beg to differ. Adorning the rock is actually a huge honor from which certain people – myself included – are banned.

I know that from the present state of the rock now – it looks like a sick bird flew by and vomited green and yellow bile all over it – you must think anyone can paint it.

As a member of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, I have experienced first hand the pain and embarrassment that comes with the rock rejection. Proudly scrawling one’s Greek letters on the rock is a popular and fun task for new members during their pledge programs.

When I was pledging Phi Sig, I kept praying and begging for the day that I could partake in this rich UR tradition. To my dismay, the exciting day never came. It turns out that some rowdy Phi Sigs – ones who graduated years ago – sprayed a nearby tree, thus violating some environmental rules and taking away our rights to ever paint another landmark. I feel this disappointment everyday and silently curse my sisters who ruined my chance.

So next time you think that the rock is a stupid and ugly waste of space, think of those who cry themselves to bed every night because their fundamental rights of rock painting have been taken away and feel good that you are not a pariah.

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